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When exactly was the last time you actually went on holiday? Yeah, got you thinking now haven’t I? Well if it had been a pretty long time ago then why don’t you have a look into heading away sometime this year? Instead of purchasing last minute holidays for you and your family why not plan a trip away now and then you are able to rest easy knowing that you now have a trip arranged and paid for and then you will only need to worry about taking off the days from work. Anyway, here are each of our Top 3 holiday destinations:

1. Turkey

Turkey is becoming more and more popular as a holidaying location amongst Brits and also other people from all over the world. Located in the South – Eastern parts of Europe it undoubtedly gets lots of sunshine for the majority of the year and it is packed with British tourists because the destination has become more and more popular recently. Cheap holidays to Turkey are a fantastic money saver if you do fancy going to Turkey with your family.

the pyramids in egypt

2. Egypt

Egypt, the North African country is a very popular destination with numerous European tourists, especially seeing as the Pyramids are there and there’s also the likes of the sphinx there. Of course there’s the city of Cairo, Egypt’s main city and perhaps one of the most hectic cities within the North of Africa. If you’d quite like to see the hustle and bustle of a big city, then Cairo is certainly one of many places you should think about going to with all the culture that is encapsulated inside the city. If you’d like to take a bit of a unique approach to Egypt then why don’t you look into some cheap cruise holidays around the Egyptian coastline, because affordable holidays to Egypt usually are not difficult to find then you have a choice of whether or not you’d like to go on a cruise or maybe on a proper holiday.

relax on a beach in spain

3. Spain

Spain is an extremely popular European holidaying destination. With a lot of areas all over Europe actually owned by Spain, just like the Canary Islands; Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura last but not least the top one, the one which nearly every young person is aware of the island of Ibiza. Recognized for its huge night clubs and its general party atmosphere, the island of Ibiza gets thousands upon thousands of tourists from all round Europe every year, mainly in the summertime, but they definitely do get one of the greatest amounts of young adults visiting the island each year. There are many cheap holidays to Spain open to young adults, and of course you old timers out there that fancy maybe a long weekend away or perhaps a week or two in the sun.

With any one of these destinations you’re sure to have one of the best holidays you will ever have because they are all equally good destinations and obviously there are different things to do in each one of the cities depending on what you want to do. The one thing to be certain about is you will enjoy yourself!

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