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The world is shrinking and everyone loves to travel. It has become so convenient and easy. Airlines are offering cheap flights and now is the time to take advantage of them. Various sites and advisories have named the top 5 places as places to avoid in Europe right now. Be sure and avoid these cities if possible. While Europe is a top destination for many, there are some cities that potentially could be dangerous.

island of skye scotland

Island of Skye

1. Island of Skye, Scotland is the largest and northernmost of the major islands in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. known for its scenic breathtaking landscape is a popular tourist destination. However, the isle being only 50miles long, cannot cope with the sheer number of tourists that descend on it Mid April to Mid June. The sight of the traffic jams and tourist exhibiting loutish behavior has caused the locals to raise their voices against such tourist and subsequently, the police have stepped in and advised tourists to stay away unless they had pre-booked places to stay.


2. Barcelona, Spain. ranks high among the unsafe countries in Europe. The dramatic increase in foreign as well as domestic tourists has angered the locals. The 32 million tourists far outnumber the 1.9 million locals, who have resented this influx and have show it by writing anti-tourist graffiti, In fact, tourism has been declared a major problem in the city, above unemployment. Under a new law which is being legalized, all new construction and issue of licences to new tourist accommodation rentals would be temporarily stopped and this new promulgation would stay in force until the tourist numbers have been brought to a more manageable level.
dubrovnik croatia

dubrovnik croatia coast


3. Dubrovnik, Croatia is an ancient city, often known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, Has a spectacular seafront and a historic city centre which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was founded in the 7th century. Its ancient ramparts have been a magnet to tourists and in 2016,10388 tourists scaled the ramparts. The Mayor of the city will cap the number of tourists into the city at 4000 a day. The city is unsafe as you do not know if you will be allowed in or not so more advisable to give it a miss altogether rather than be turned back and scramble for alternatives.

Venice Italy

4. Venice Italy has been named as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Unfortunately and sadly it is also named among the most dangerous countries in Europe The city is witnessing deteriorating relations between residents and tourists with residents protesting and forcing the authorities to ban new accommodations in the historic centre. Venice because of the excessive number of tourists during the peak periods and the large cruise ships that sail too close to the banks of its canals endangering its old buildings.

Santorini Greece

5. Santorini, Greece is a volcanic island which is very famous for its most spectacular sunsets It is a very small island which is unable to keep up with the growing tourist traffic. The city has already limited the number of inbound passengers to 8,000 from 18,000 a day The Guardian has reported that this year nearly two million tourists will decide not to go to Santorini because of the uncertainty of entry to the city. Since the debt crisis of 2010, Santorini has been going through a financial crisis and compounded by the huge influx of tourists the locals have reached a breaking point.
Over tourism is causing a rapid decline in tourism. A tourist wants to visit a place where he has peace and is able to enjoy the charms of that place, which can never be done in a jostling, bustling crowd which is the main and only reason these cities are to be avoided.
Also unfortunately, terrorism has become a more recent phenomena in Europe as well. Here is the United States Travel Advisory watch list.
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