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There are various different European holiday destinations that you can still go to if you can’t afford to travel to the “Eurozone”. One of these being a rather popular tourist destination, Bulgaria.

Bulgaria boasts some of the last deserted beaches in Europe and as well it has some very scenic mountain ranges, which to some are an absolute delight in summer, and with the Balkan ranges there is plenty to explore for the avid amateur explorer.

Skiing Options

Bulgaria is a good destination to visit in the winter as well, with various different ski resorts to visit with the family. There are various different ski resorts in Bulgaria, the largest international mountain ski resort in Bulgaria is Borovets located 1350m above sea level and is a family friendly ski resort.

Bulgaria is still good value for money, considering the pound used to worth three Bulgarian Levs and has now dropped by a third. You can still have a great, value for money holiday in Bulgaria provided that you steer clear of the big tourist spots, and if you have a scout around you will find that idyllic boutique hotels are very much affordable.

devils throat cave

devils throat cave

Devil’s Throat Cave

There are a few “tourist attractions” one being the tantalisingly edgy Devil’s Throat cave. This region of the country, the Rodopi mountains is reportedly the birthplace of Orpheus, and the Devil’s Throat cave is where Orpheus reputedly entered the underworld.

Anyone thinking of moving over to Bulgaria can do so with ease and also with the help of a shipping company. There are various different shipping companies to choose from when moving out to Bulgaria and these are available at affordable rates.

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